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Proudly started in 2019 by Andrea Cecilia G. Dunn, in pursuit of her passion for transformational enlightenment, The Akkna Project is an evolving innovative platform dedicated to supporting women to recognize and achieve their feminine power.
Andrea Cecilia G. Dunn is a Transformational Coach with passion for empowering women to achieve peace, instill wellness, and break generational and cultural chains. She creates trainings and delivers tools that enable her clients to identify their triggers, release them from the decades of stress and turmoil they are experiencing and create access to a world of new possibilities within themselves. Learn More.

To liberate and change mindsets by empowering women with a unique experience bringing clarity, harmony, and self-awareness; To connect women with their authentic selves through Visionary Strategic Transformational Compassion training, creatively shaping lives towards new horizons, growth, and success; To manifest your personal transformation into outcome-oriented actions.
Our vision is to be the leading platform around the globe to bring forth women’s highest potential within themselves and create a world where women are a part of a transformational community, embodying feminine power and manifesting a more compassionate world.

The multicultural Spanish-speaking clients of Cherokee Family Violence Center have been receiving services from Andrea for the last 2 years. Andrea’s classes have helped the domestic violence survivors to better cope with intrusive thoughts and memories, and be more equipped to handle emotional distress. The clients who have participated the longer in Andrea’s classes, have reported more reduction in traumatic stress symptoms, and higher levels of mindfulness. It has been an extraordinary experience. The presenter has a natural ability to hand out presentation material in a very organized way. Her training content was relevant and her format was visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. When controversial topics come up, Andrea deal with them in a proper manner and she makes sure these topics are fully dealt with before moving on. Andrea exhibits excellent skill when it comes to expressing ideas and opinions with clarity.

Norma Mendoza, Multicultural Program Director at CFVC (Cherokee Family Violence Center)

Prior to my coaching with Andrea, I felt insecure about my decisions, being recently separated I did not believe myself capable of doing things like cooking and it was difficult for me to communicate how I felt. After my transformational coaching with Andrea, I feel amazing, powerful, able to face problems and analyze them in a way that I did not before. I feel like I have a decision-making power that I never had and I know what I want for my life.

Alina Loiudice, Customer Service Health Insurance Representative

Our participants have been impacted by Andrea in many ways. Our parents now feel more confident and able to make decisions that will also impact their own families. As a result of Andrea's coaching, the parents have commented they feel more confident, they have more control of their lives and decisions. At Los Niños Primero, we support our parents with leadership and educational programs throughout the year. Andrea has been very supportive facilitating several programs for our parents. Having Andrea in our organization has benefited our parents by giving them the right tools to be more compassionate and assertive.

Gloria Narea Family Engagement Coordinator, Los niños primero

Our team has benefited greatly from Andrea’s facilitation services. Andrea provided wonderful teaching and facilitation during a series she led for our Lifting Latinx Voices Initiative (LLVI) program at the Feminist Women’s Health Center. Her offerings were unique and especially timely as Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based (CBCT) training spoke to the needs of our program’s graduating Promotora Community Health Workers as they navigated on-going changes in their communities. The training supported our staff, Promotras and volunteers in deepening our holistic lens that we provide in our work of community education, advocacy and service while also supporting each of us in our individual journeys to deepen the work of inner self-reflection. Andrea’s kindness, empathy and attentiveness were the hallmarks of what made our training so impactful. Her offerings extend beyond the words she shares when she teaches, and her genuineness touches the hearts of those she works with.

Naomi Desta-Bell Community Outreach Manager, Feminist Women’s Health Center

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