Proudly started in 2019 by Andrea Cecilia G. Dunn, in pursuit of her passion for transformational enlightenment, The Akkna Project is an evolving innovative platform dedicated to supporting women to recognize and achieve their feminine power.
The Akkna Project is a young and energetic global platform providing tools, experiential learning, leadership skills, and resources to help create growth opportunities within themselves.
Our training focuses on meditation, feminine empowerment, compassion, and integrity through transformational emotional, spiritual, and mental journeys leading to self-awareness and the freedom to create the life they’ve always wanted. Our unique strategies and tools are fully customized to support your unique experience.

To liberate and change mindsets by empowering women with a unique experience bringing clarity, harmony, and self-awareness; To connect women with their authentic selves through Visionary Strategic Transformational Compassion training, creatively shaping lives towards new horizons, growth, and success; To manifest your personal transformation into outcome-oriented actions.
Our vision is to be the leading platform around the globe to bring forth women’s highest potential within themselves and create a world where women are a part of a transformational community, embodying feminine power and manifesting a more compassionate world.

Enlightenment and self-actualization are far more than just resting the body. They are an integrated act that ensures every aspect of your being is enlightened and connected. No matter where you are in your personal journey, our training harnesses the power of self-awareness while promoting your mastery of inner peace ąnd allowing you to better cope and deal with life challenges, pursue your dreams and bring forth your unique contribution to the world.
The Akkna Project is an essential component to unlocking the possibilities in every woman to show up as her authentic self, with Andrea’s principal of Visionary Strategic Transformational Compassion™. It empowers them with the strategies for personal growth, while sharing their learned mastery with the world. This interactive growth creates reciprocal-oriented practices based on mutual support and holistic thriving.
The Akkna Project is dedicated to guiding you through this journey. As a Transformational Compassion Coach, Andrea has trained The Akkna Project to individuals and organizations of all sizes across in the United States, Europe, Latin, Central and South America, in both English and Spanish. Andrea created The Akkna Project to support and empower every woman, everywhere, to reach her full potential, creating bold new missions and visions for themselves, their organizations and humanity, as a whole. Every grain of sand matters.

We E.M.P.O.W.E.R


We remain committed towards excellence by delivering quality training, value, and constantly exceed expectations as we pursue our passion and create transformational experiences.
To support women in discovering what they haven’t seen about themselves and bring forth their inner brilliance and untapped potential.
To follow our passion and create a transformational experience and achieve sustainable success and prosperity.
To fully embrace every experience and its associated emotions, igniting optimism from recognizing and acknowledging the value of those experiences, aiming for the new possibilities as your motivational force.
We are a compassionate and liberating space, welcoming everyone with open arms and support, so they can reach their full potential, achieve self-awareness through emotional, mental, and spiritual harmony.
To empower women who as yet unaware of their full potential to value their gifts and talents as their most powerful contribution to humanity.
We believe in deep listening, so we are responsive to our clients´ needs. We operate in full integrity. We believe in transparent communication to build trust, accountability and client satisfaction.

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The multicultural Spanish-speaking clients of Cherokee Family Violence Center have been receiving services from Andrea for the last 2 years. Andrea’s classes have helped the domestic violence survivors to better cope with intrusive thoughts and memories, and be more equipped to handle emotional distress. The clients who have participated the longer in Andrea’s classes, have reported more reduction in traumatic stress symptoms, and higher levels of mindfulness. It has been an extraordinary experience. The presenter has a natural ability to hand out presentation material in a very organized way. Her training content was relevant and her format was visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. When controversial topics come up, Andrea deal with them in a proper manner and she makes sure these topics are fully dealt with before moving on. Andrea exhibits excellent skill when it comes to expressing ideas and opinions with clarity.

Norma Mendoza, Multicultural Program Director at CFVC (Cherokee Family Violence Center)

Prior to my coaching with Andrea, I felt insecure about my decisions, being recently separated I did not believe myself capable of doing things like cooking and it was difficult for me to communicate how I felt. After my transformational coaching with Andrea, I feel amazing, powerful, able to face problems and analyze them in a way that I did not before. I feel like I have a decision-making power that I never had and I know what I want for my life.

Alina Loiudice, Customer Service Health Insurance Representative